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Preventing Conflict in Special Education

I am currently working on a new book. It draws upon my sincere belief that the best outcome for a child with exceptional learning needs is enhanced when  parentscan build a good relationship with teachers and officials in the school system. While conflict is often present in the "special education system," it need not be as prevalent as it is. The conflict is understandable. Parents are strongly motivated to do the best for their child. And, teachers across the globe are not receiving the preservice education they need to be empowered and effective in programming for students with exceptional learning needs.

Using the principles of negotiation from the Harvard Negotiation Project, combined with insight from being a veteran of special education parent advocacy, Preventing Conflict in Special Education contains narratives or scripts of conversations between parents, teachers and principals. Some of the scripts demonstrate how conflict and bad feelings can grow. Other scripts demonstrate how conflict can be minimized and good relationships maintained or even strengthened. These scripts are analyzed for the reading audience — parents and teachers — to identify what went right or wrong!

I will be posting some parts of the draft of the book on my other website, I would love your input! Please watch for segments beginning in March 2012.