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An Accidental Advocate

An Accidental Advocate – A Mother’s Journey with Her Exceptional Son

I set out to write An Accidental Advocate as a book to help other parents and families who were going through a journey that was similar to the one on which my husband and I had unknowingly embarked. I wrote the type of book that I know I would have appreciated when our son was struggling at school and was initially diagnosed with learning disabilities.

Little did I realize that the process of writing the book would help me. Rarely does one have the opportunity to take time to examine events in the past. Through the writing process, came understanding, and in many cases forgiveness.  In the process of publishing my book, I also met and became friends with a number of exceptional people.

I have also received emails and calls from many readers who have convinced me that it is important to share information and the very human feelings which we encounter as life throws both challenging and wonderful challenges in our direction. I hope you like the book too.

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  Title: An Accidental Advocate: A mother's journey with her exceptional son Author: Kathryn Burke ISBN: 978-1-926755-03-8 Publisher: Sextant Publishing, Edmonton, Alberta Distributor: Alpine Book Peddlers, 140-105 Bow Meadows Crescent, Canmore, Alberta T1W 2W8. Tel: 403-678-2280, 866-478-2280 Cost: $25 list price Details: 207 pages, softcover, 6½ by 8½ Category: EDU026020  EDUCATION / Special  Education / Learning …


Some reviews of An Accidental Advocate…  “Insightful and candid…written with humor and from the heart … An Accidental Advocate should serve as a roadmap for other parents of exceptional children." Lorrie Goegan, Immediate Past Chair, Learning Disabilities Association of Canada “An Accidental Advocate is a phenomenal read. Kathryn Burke’s relentless journey of advocacy for her son, chronicled in …