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An Accidental Advocate: A Mother's Journey with her Exceptional Son

Released in January 2011, An Accidental Advocate is Kathryn's first book. In limited release, An Accidental Advocate has been a non-fiction best seller. Learn more about this book and the story behind its pulication. 

Preventing Conflict in Special Education: Boxing Gloves Not Needed (in progress)

Kathryn is presently writing this book, drawing from her experience in conducting workshops on advocating for children with exceptional learning needs.  Learn more about this work in progress. 

An Accidental Advocate

An Accidental Advocate – A Mother’s Journey with Her Exceptional Son I set out to write An Accidental Advocate as a book to help other parents and families who were going through a journey that was similar to the one on which my husband and I had unknowingly embarked. I wrote the type of book that …

Preventing Conflict in Special Education

I am currently working on a new book. It draws upon my sincere belief that the best outcome for a child with exceptional learning needs is enhanced when  parentscan build a good relationship with teachers and officials in the school system. While conflict is often present in the "special education system," it need not be …