And why do you need another website, Kathryn?

As the editor, founder and owner of, the question might be raised, "Why create another website?" It is a fair question. Over time, has grown. Initially, it was my "baby," a project I nurtured with the help of webmaster extraordinaire, William Radvanyi from Trendsetting Services and the ecouragement of many others. But, as the site has matured, I am but one of many contributors. I am very happy about that evolution.

With the publication of my book, An Accidental Advocate, it became obvious that there was a need to distinquish my commercial and general writing activities from  "LDExperience." I will still continue to write my column on LDExperience, promote it to the best of my ability, and nudge it along.  I will remain as its founder and editor. There will most certainly be overlap between this site and LDExperience.  But, from this time foward, this will be the place to come for people who may be interested in my projects or curious about where and when I will be speaking. I will use this blog for pieces that  scream to be written which may not not be about exceptional learning needs. 

So, thanks for visiting and reading. I am looking foward to connecting with you soon.


January 12, 2012