Back in the Writing (Saddle) Again!

I wear a number of different hats! For some, having multiple roles might lead to an identity crisis. This has not been the case for me though others may have a different perspective! Part of the reason I generally do not suffer from identity confusion is that there is huge overlap, indeed synergy, in the roles in which I have been cast.

As a mother of a boy with exceptional learning needs, I was catapulted into the special education community. My husband and I are both advocates for our son. Over the years, we have been on parent councils, committees, have worked fundraisers, within both the education and health systems. Our son is now 17 and we are approaching the end of a second decade of advocacy. I have gained insight as my son's advocate, insight I have been able to apply to the role I hold as part time Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta. It is a role of which I am passionate. I care deeply about needed change and am dedicated to making it happen. Aside from the activities of daily living as a mother, wife and sister, the rest of my time is spent as a management consultant, author and speaker!  I write and speak, almost exclusively about special education reform. The problem for me — there has been no "rest of the time 'time' " over the last six months!

I get "twitchy" when I don't write.  Writing helps me makes sense of my world. It is a release, a catharsis. What has saved me during my externally imposed writing ban, is being involved with the writing process by proxy. My sister, Nancy Popovich, has just completed her latest novel. I had the delightful job of being her muse. I read raw chapters, challenged her on character continuity, and generally had fun. But, it wasn't my writing. It wasn't my genre. She writes fiction. My passion is non-fiction.

It is now time for me to reclaim my "writing time!" I am putting my writing back on the metaphorical front burner. I have resurrected the work on my second book. The working title is, Preventing Conflict in Special Education: Boxing Gloves not Needed. I am presenting the work associated with this book at conferences, and will be conducting a workshop for parents and teachers on the Irish high holiday of March 17. I am so excited, motivated, energized, and enlivened by getting back on task. I have just climbed back onto the writing saddle, and couldn't be happier!