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My Sister’s Creation: The World of Genetrix

I am a non fiction writer. My sister, Nancy Popovich, writes fiction! I have enjoyed, more than I can imagine, reading chapters from her new book, entitled, Genetrix: The Amity, as they roll off her computer in raw form. I find my self heavily invested in the characters in her book, and enjoy arguing about …

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The Measure of a Man

My brother-in-law is dying. Sam is in hospice care. His life is ebbing away. Yesterday, he struggled to wake-up. There was a parade of people who came to see him. They wanted to cheer him up, to help him pass time. They were shocked and uncomfortable with his obvious physical changes, changes which mirror cancer’s …

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Back in the Writing (Saddle) Again!

I wear a number of different hats! For some, having multiple roles might lead to an identity crisis. This has not been the case for me though others may have a different perspective! Part of the reason I generally do not suffer from identity confusion is that there is huge overlap, indeed synergy, in the …

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