My Sister’s Creation: The World of Genetrix

I am a non fiction writer. My sister, Nancy Popovich, writes fiction! I have enjoyed, more than I can imagine, reading chapters from her new book, entitled, Genetrix: The Amity, as they roll off her computer in raw form. I find my self heavily invested in the characters in her book, and enjoy arguing about what they would and would not do. The opportunity to participate in this manner has been a gift. My sister is also an accomplished artist and has been having a great deal of fun creating cartoon style pictures or possibly charicatures of the protagonists and villans in her latest novel. She is posting these pictures, and some of the back story of each character over at her site. The book is with beta readers right now, and the reviews are great. One was that Nancy's book would make a great movie. Another is an expression of love  for the kick-butt personality of the series hero, jewel thief turned ghostly protector, Cee. For more information about my sister's work, visit her, Nancy Popovich, over at her website!