BooksI have one book published and another on the way! This website is where the writing all got started. It is still going strong. Learn more about the reason for the site. 

Articles and Monographs: Over the next several weeks, I will be posting links and/or pdf's of reports and monographs that I have written.  



Articles and Monographs

As a consultant in the field of health and human services, I have written a number of reports. I have contributed Chapters to text books, and have frequently penned articles for specialty magazines. The following are a few reports or articles which may be of use to some of you.  A Call To Action: The …

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An Accidental Advocate: A Mother's Journey with her Exceptional Son Released in January 2011, An Accidental Advocate is Kathryn's first book. In limited release, An Accidental Advocate has been a non-fiction best seller. Learn more about this book and the story behind its pulication.  Preventing Conflict in Special Education: Boxing Gloves Not Needed (in progress) …

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The Reason for As a mother of a child with learning disabilities and ADHD, I felt isolated during the journey of discovery about our son's learning challenges. Ultimately, I gained insight about the technical aspects of his challenges from reading books and articles. What I did not find was a website or resource that …

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